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Je bois de l’eau de Genève
Bois de l’eau de Genève où que tu sois dans le canton ge-soif.ch recense et localise près de 300 fontaines publiques sur le canton. Découvre (...) (0)
Just fun !
Chain game
Divide the participants in 2 groups Two rows of people in front of each other (sitting in chairs or on the floor) The two trainers shall stand (...) (0)
Just fun !
● Duration : 5 mins ● Each participant has to think of an animal ● Without talking they must organize themselves from the smallest to the (...) (0)
Just fun !
Saying Hi !
Duration : 5 mins The participants have to walk around the room and salute each other as if they were : ○ A close relative ○ A teacher ○ When (...) (0)
Just fun !
Your place for a smile
● All participants in a circle ● One person in the middle ● That person goes around the circle trying to make someone smile. When he succeeds he (...) (0)
Just fun !
Mimicry in pairs
● Each person receives a paper where he has to write an object / action / animal ● Using a jacket, two person will stand in front of the group, (...) (0)
Just fun !
All participants in a circle They have to close their eyes On the count of 3, the facilitator will say ACTION and each participant shall open (...) (0)
Just fun !
● All the participants are standing and spread around a large room (or outside preferably) ● One will volunteer to be the zombie, and what he (...) (0)
Just fun !
Object and problem
● The participants sit in a circle ● 2 of them volunteer to go to center and each of them has to think in 1 problem and 1 object (the 2 cannot (...) (0)
Just fun !
Hold On Game - Yi Haaaa
The participants stand in a circle. The facilitator starts by explaining that we will pass the energy through the circle. ○ Yi Haaaa to left - (...) (0)
Just fun !
Cowboy Game for Names
● The participants stand in a circle. ● The facilitator is outside and say a name ● The people with the name has to bend in the front and the 2 (...) (0)
Just fun !
Slow Running race
● People have to run from one side of the room to the other being the slowest possible and imitating the face of the greatest athletes when they (...) (0)
Just fun !
Spaghetti Challenge
● Create a chain and hold a spaghetti (or a pen to make it easier) between every two people but only with your open palm/one finger ● Now try to (...) (0)
Just fun !
Walk like an Egyptian !
Put on some music and then start walking as if you’re... ● tired ● in love ● frozen ● a baby ● a certain animal ● etc. (0)
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Charte d’utilisation et de publication
Article 1 : Objet La présente charte d’utilisation et de publication a vocation à régir l’utilisation du site anousdejouer.ch et ses (...) (0)
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Nutzungs- und Veröffentlichungscharta von Wirmischenmit.ch
Artikel 1: Zweck Die vorliegende Nutzungs- und Veröffentlichungscharta soll die Nutzung der Website wirmischenmit.ch und ihrer (...) (0)
Pour apprendre à se connaître - Get to know each other
Mix-and-Match Portraits
● In groups of five, everyone gets a piece of paper and writes the name of one of the members of the group on it (so that everyone’s name is on (...) (0)
Pour apprendre à se connaître - Get to know each other
“Draw me without looking !”
● In groups of two, everyone draws a portrait of their partner ● BUT : without looking at the paper, always looking at the other person ● After (...) (0)
Pour apprendre à se connaître - Get to know each other
Sentences in the balloons
1. Several balloons in the room, each with a question written : Examples : ■ If I could erase a memory, which one would be ? ■ Three things (...) (0)
Pour apprendre à se connaître - Get to know each other
Brief description The participants move through the room in answering different questions, each location corresponding to a different place of (...) (0)