À nous de jouer !

Je fais du Team Building

Partenaire référent :

Pour apprendre à se connaître - Get to know each other

Pass the ball

Speed dating

Human Bingo


Sentences in the balloons

“Draw me without looking !”

Mix-and-Match Portraits

Just fun !

Slow Running race

Spaghetti Challenge

● Create a chain and hold a spaghetti (or a pen to make it easier) between every two people but only
with your open palm/one finger
● Now try to move
● Get creative : step on a chair, walk up/down some stairs, jump, etc.
● Goal : not to break the spaghetti/drop the pen !

Walk like an Egyptian !

Put on some music and then start walking as if you’re...
● tired
● in love
● frozen
● a baby
● a certain animal
● etc.